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MANSARD manufactures high-quality roof coverings and Rain Gutter Systems for all types of roofs.


With larger orders we can provide your products in any of the RAL colors.


The gutters are made from sheets with a steel core, covered with a galvanized coating on both sides.


We offer ready-for-use, made to order Flashings.


About us

MANSARD has been on the market since 1986. For the past 10 years we have been providing refurbishing and construction services as well manufacturing trapezoidal sheet metal, tear plates, galvanized sheets and rain gutter systems. The first MANSARD Steel Roof Tiles, powder coated with polyester, were introduced in 1996. That was also when we introduced the Polyester Gutter System as well as all of our flashings and roof accessories. In 1999 we received the technical approval of the Warsaw Technical Research Institute and received protection rights for our design and the names of our products. MANSARD Steel Roof Tiles were awarded and chosen as the Sanok Product of 1999. Ten years later the same distinction was awarded to the MANSARD Rain Gutter System.

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